West Texas Long Range Shooting



I visited the Harkins Ranch Long Range Shooting facility for the first time in June, 2013, and would highly recommend the experience to anyone interested in precision long range shooting. The range's elevated shooting platform is spacious enough for multiple shooters and spotters plus all related gear, and provides a view of the target area that is second to none. I was able to engage targets in almost every wind condition imaginable from this one position, which was invaluable as a training tool and confidence builder. We shot for two days(including through some rain) and gained valuable insight on multiple rifle platforms, and had an absolutely great time. The range features top quality reactive steel targets which were equally fun and challenging. There are few ranges that allow a shooter to collect such comprehensive data on his rifle from one location, and to truly test the limits of his or her equipment.


 We stayed on site in the guest house, a vintage ranch home that has been well maintained and fully furnished. An outdoor grill and full kitchen was provided, and we made full use of them to prepare our meals from the supplies we brought. The remoteness of the area was a peaceful and very welcome escape from everyday life. The owners of the ranch are great folks, and made us feel right at home. Jase transported us and our equipment to the range each day, and being an accomplished shooter himself, was extremely helpful acting as a spotter during shooting sessions. Without a doubt, this was the best shooting range experience I've had, and one that is definitely worth repeating!


Clayton S.



I am an avid hunter and serious shooter, but not until recently have I tried my hand at long range shooting.  Being a novice I can't say that I have visited many ranges, but I would put the facilities at the Harkins Ranch up against any out there.  The elevated platform provides almost 300 degrees of shooting options out to ranges beyond my abilities!  This allows shooting in virtually any condition - early morning, late evening, wind - to maximize your shooting opportunity.  The platform is spacious and adaptable allowing room for shooting standing, from bench rests or prone, with spotters, while never sacrificing safety.  And the backdrop is an impeccably managed west Texas ranch!


In addition to top-notch facilities, Jase's knowledge of his craft is well honed.  He is more than willing to provide any assistance that the novice may need.  After spending about 20 minutes working with my son and I, he had us hitting the plate at 1,000 yards.  My son (14) joined the 1,000 yard club after 6 shots!  Don't worry if you are a serious shooter (like one of the guys in our group), he won't fill you full of unsolicited advice.


If you stay onsite, you will be treated to peace and solitude rarely achieved but most welcome in this modern world (i.e., your cell phone will not work) and some of the brightest stars in the Texas sky!  An all-around great experience!


Jason B.




The Range:


Whether you’re honing hunting skills, an active duty service member, police or just plain love to shoot the Harkins ELR shooting platform is one of a kind! The range offers a 100% stable platform with nearly 300 degrees of target options which allows for multiple engagement distances as well as multiple wind and shot angles. The platform is large enough for multiple shooters and observers.  The targets are uniquely constructed of high quality steel with solid backstops. The elevated platform sits on a beautiful West Texas mesa top overlooking a large valley; so while you are waiting for your barrel to cool you can sharpen your eye glassing for mule deer, white-tailed deer and elk. I would strongly recommend this range to all those interested in long range shooting.

The Lodge:

During your stay the Harkins offer use of their quaint lodge which is spacious and can accommodate lots of shooters. The lodge has all the comforts of home but still offers that classic West Texas feel. During your stay will commonly see mule deer, white-tailed deer, turkeys and goats milling around the lodge. Best of all there is no cell coverage so you can leave all that behind and focus on shooting!


The Harkins:

The Harkins Family have been operating a working West Texas Ranch for generations. The family understands the importance, value, rewards and hardships of making a living off the land. Jase (range operator) and his father Monty are passionate long range shooters who are knowledgeable about the craft and are not the type to fill you full of BS information. The hospitality that Jase provides is top notch as he understands the importance of treating his clients to an enjoyable one of kind experience they will want to come back   time and time again.


Austin S.




If you are looking for a top-notch shooting facility in West Texas, Harkins Long Range Shooting is the place you want to be. With a platform that allows shooting from over 270o and 33 targets ranging from 300 yards to 2701 yards, this particular shooting range will cater to any kind of long range shooter. Whether you are new to the long range shooting world or a professional of the sport, you will be able to appreciate the diversity and sheer beauty of this shooting range. I was greeted by both Monty and Jase Harkins with a handshake right when I pulled up to the headquarters. With the help of Monty and Jase as my spotters, I nailed targets with my 300 Winchester Magnum ranging from 500 yards to 1 mile! After a long day of shooting, I got one of the best nights of rest in my life at the Harkins’ lodging facility. When you finally get a chance to escape the noise, traffic, and daily grind of life, and want to experience a long range shooting opportunity like no other, I urge you to give Harkins Long Range Shooting a try. I can proudly say I found a new passion after pulling the trigger and hitting a target from a mile away.


Darren S.