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Lodging Included:

Four Bedroom, Two Bath, Full Kitchen, Satellite TV, and BBQ Pit

Guests provide their own bedding (sleeping bags/sheets, pillows) and food (lodge features a full kitchen).


Our shooting platform can accommodate both prone shooters and those wanting to utilize a bench (removable handrails for bench shooting).


Recommended Shooting Equipment:

Mobile shooting bench for bench shooters (we can provide if necessary)

Shooting mat and bipod for prone shooters

Shooting rests and sandbags

Spotting scope with tripod

Rifle cleaning equipment

Ear and eye protection


Necessary Supplies:

Plenty of drinking water, food, and snacks

Layers of clothing (cool mornings, hot days)

Ice chest / cooler to take into the field

Hiking boots, cross country tennis shoes

Sunscreen, hat, or cap



Minimum of two shooters to book a shoot (week and/or weekend shoots)


2 shooters = $350 per person

3 shooters = $325 per person

4 + shooters = $300 per person


1.  Arrive evening of day one.

2.  Shoot morning and afternoon of day two (or shooters can stay all day of day  two, need to bring a lunch as the shooting tower is about a 30 minute drive from headquarters)

3.  Shoot morning only of day three


Range Operation:

Range is open January 15 - October 5, 2014