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Long Range


West Texas Long Range is owned and operated by Harkins Ranch in the Trans Pecos Region of West Texas.  We are approximately two hours South of Midland/Odessa, TX (Midland International Airport) / 30 minutes North of Sanderson, TX. 

     Harkins Ranch listened to the needs of shooters begging for a range that would allow multiple shooting opportunities beyond 1,000 yds (ELR-Extreme Long Range).  After listening to these needs, Harkins Ranch set forth on an interesting journey that would lead to the design and construction of a one of a kind long range shooting facility.

     What we ended up with is a range that will accommodate all levels of expertise.  There are targets that will appeal to a hunter preparing for a trip expecting shots beyond 300 yards in addition to targets beyond a mile for the ELR Shooters and many in between.  Shooters can engage steel targets from a mountain top from either the ground or a raised shooting platform.  The platform features removable hand rails for those wanting to use a bench instead of shooting prone.  From the platform three ranges can be engaged.  The South Range features 9 targets from 500 yards to 1 mile.  The North Range features 12 targets beginning at 500 yards increasing in 100 yard increments out to 1,500 yards and the furthest bumping out to 1 mile.  The West Range features 12 targets from 369 yards to 2,701 yards (plans are in the works to extend well beyond 3,000 yards)!  See our Targets Link above for exact ranges.

     Our packages include overnighting on the ranch in one of our hunting lodges.  For pricing see our Pricing Link

     Come and enjoy a truly unique shooting experience.  Enjoy the beauties of the Trans Pecos Region with its wildlife, Chapo on the Mule, its breath taking sunrise and sunsets, and no cell phone service.



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